Three lesser-known advantages and benefits of using fascia blaster

benefits of using fascia blaster

Have you seen the trendy white rod that has snowflake-shaped attachments to it? It is very trendy nowadays for a lot of women because celebrities endorse it. This is the fascia blaster, and judging by the results that celebrities post on their social media pages, it can create some very good changes when it comes to decreasing the appearance of cellulite in your body.

Fascia blaster is a non-invasive tool that is massaged to the area where the cellulite is concentrated. According to experts, the cellulite development in your body is caused by the fascia, a connective tissue that is responsible for shaping our body and the tissue that covers our muscles and organs. If your fascia has a problem, one of the most visible symptoms is cellulite development.

restriction of the fascia

One of the most popular myofascial therapies is the use of fascia blaster that is known to smoothen out the areas where cellulite usually develops. Fascia blasting is the method or process wherein there is a tool named after it is used to remove cellulite by using an all-natural solution which reduces the muscle soreness and also improves the blood circulation in the affected area. This treatment could last for a year, while some last a month depending on how severe the cellulite development it in your body.

However, not everyone’s fascia is working properly, and this could result to weaken muscle strength, impeding flexibility, and of course, it causes cellulite. The cellulite that is developing on your skin is the physical symptoms or signs that your fascia is having a problem which is why you need fascia blaster.

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  1. An effective way to release the restriction of the fascia– The fascia blaster’s claws are intricately designed to smoothly comb through your fascia that it helps loosen the tightening and restriction of the affected area. The fascial adhesions are usually formed over time because of several factors, one is an injury, another is a muscular misalignment, and lastly worn out fascia due to strenuous activity and function that causes discomfort and painful sensation. Through releasing the adhesion using the fascia blaster, you can easily release the restriction and the tension in your fascia.
  2. Innovative tool that is easy to use– According to the maker of fascia blaster, Ashley Black, a popular wellness and fitness guru, she decided to invent the tool that is non-invasive, easy to use, and above all, an effective tool that can remove your cellulite in a shorter time. Also, it is a cheaper myofascial treatment compared to the more painful and invasive treatment to remove your cellulite.
  3. Enhances the result further– You can further enhance the results of using fascia blaster at your home as it creates your fascia to be more malleable that will make it easier to remove the cellulite in the affected area. After you warmed up your body through exercise, you can gently massage the tool to the affected area that further enhances the result.

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