Understanding the Four Stages of Drug Rehab

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Whether it is drug or alcohol addiction, it is time that you take matters into your own hands and consider drug rehab like Legacy Healing. You should seek professional help especially if your health is at immediate or serious risk.

If you consider a drug rehab center, it can finally help you overcome addiction. Ultimately, it can help you embark on a healthy lifestyle. Rehab centers employ licensed and experienced staff with modern technology to ensure a successful recovery.

It is normal to be skeptical or anxious at first. The only thing that can help you survive apprehensions is understanding the four stages of drug rehab so you will know what to expect. To help you get started, here are the four stages of drug rehab:

Stage 1: Intake

The first stage is the intake. This refers to the assessment that occurs on your initial visit to any treatment program. In this process, you should expect that the treatment professionals gather information like your medical and family history as well as your drug use.

There is a lot of paperwork to fill out during this stage including treatment consent forms, which can outline the rehab center’s program confidentiality policy. Essentially, this can state your willingness to enter the program.

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Stage 2: Creation of the treatment plan

The next stage is the creation of the treatment plan. The creation of the treatment plan will be based on the information gathered from the intake process. The doctor and nurse should review the treatment plan with you. While you are at it, this is a good opportunity to ask many questions. In the end, this can help you develop an understanding of what will happen during the treatment.

Stage 3: Treatment

The third stage is the treatment. Treatment will commence as soon as the doctors and clients mutually agree on something. In most cases, the treatment will start with a period of detoxification. In this stage, your body is given a chance to purge itself of the drugs.

As soon as the detox is accomplished and your body is clean, the next steps include rehabilitation and recovery. You should expect that the treatment plans are constantly reviewed and modified to ensure that the activities and experiences lead to desirable outcomes.

Stage 4: Continuing care

If you are willing to change your ways, you will definitely make great progress toward a life without any substance while in the treatment center. However, returning to your “normal” life is not that easy. The ideal rehab center will provide continuing care in the form of support groups and counseling sessions. Continuing care is important because addiction is a lifelong disease that needs maintenance.

Final words

While the treatment process seems overwhelming, remember that taking things one at a time can keep things manageable. At the end of the day, your goal here is to make long-term recovery attainable. Do not hasten the recovery process and if ever you get confused along the way, you can always ask.

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