How To Get All The Benefits Of CBD Oil

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We’ve all seen those CBD oil commercials on TV, but how do we know if it will work for us? CBD is a miracle drug, but people react to it differently.


Before trying any new treatment, the most important thing is to take care of your health assessment. This means having your doctor examine you and make sure that there are no other problems like diabetes or high blood pressure that might be affecting the way you metabolize CBD oil.


Your doctor should advise you on the best dose for your condition. In general, CBD oil doses are taken sublingually. This means you place the oil under your tongue and let it sit there for 30 seconds or so before swallowing it. The CBD goes through the blood vessels beneath your language, bypassing stomach acid and digestive enzymes. CBD oil is a good treatment for IBS and GERD since it doesn’t mess with digestion as many other treatments do.


While most people start with a serving of 2-4 milligrams, you may need more if you have neuropathic pain or other more severe conditions that require higher doses. You can take CBD oil orally in a capsule, or instead of oil, you can even use it as a tea and add some natural flavorings to make it even better. You can also get capsules filled with CBD powder mixed with liquid.


When using CBD oil, you don’t want to take it too late in the day because this will interfere with your sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, take the CBD an hour or two before bed. Also, avoid taking Hemp oil products when stressed because this will also be counterproductive.


We recommend CBD doses ranging from 10-50 milligrams for IBS and GERD patients. If you have severe pain with your condition, you may need to take even higher amounts.


If you have severe insomnia, try increasing the dose of CBD oil. Though the effects may be subtle, they can help with sleep. If you are not getting enough sleep and passing out when you wake up, this is one reason that using CBD oil can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer as well as improve your quality of sleep. Patients suffering from mild to moderate insomnia should start with a low dose and work up from there.

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