The quick journey of Instagram

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There is something about social media that is like cocaine- Its addictive. Some people may laugh this assumption off, but it’s true. Millions of users of social media are witness to that. Instagram is just one of the many faces of social media that have grown at a rapid pace. In fact, the pace at which Instagram grew is actually quite mind-boggling.

Instagram boasts about 500 million active users each month and the number is growing. If you are looking for the daily mark it’s probably around 300 million. There are several reasons Instagram grew so quickly. Let’s check out the factors

1-    Interconnect-

Instagram is not just a photosharingapp, it has the option of connecting to several other social media. That is much of a convenience for social media users.

2-    Neverending scroll-

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Instagram offers its users suggestions and displays similar interests. So you start by looking at one set of photos and keep going and going. It is an endless bottom.

3-    From mobiles to smartphones-

Instagram is not at all lonely. It keeps expanding from mobiles, Windows to Android and pretty much every smartphone out there. It is a special advantage for smartphones to sell out, so why wouldn’t it be supported.

4-    Constant upgrades-

Over the years Instagram has seen constant upgrades. Videos, optimizations and social media additions are just a few to name. These upgrades have improved its performance as well as security. Only a few programs like Instaport password hacker can overcome them.

5-    Photo taking-

Instagram uses the love of photo-taking and photo-sharing to keep itself alive. We all love to take some nice shots and hear what our friends have to say about them.

So as long as people love taking photos and sharing them, Instagram will probably remain there.

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