Online Safety for Senior People

Online Safety for Senior People

More and more people who are seniors, @50 years old and above are becoming tech-savvy and exposed to the internet. While the internet is a wonderful tool for communication, it is also home to known dangers in the form of scammers, hackers, and online fraudsters. Older and senior people may be more vulnerable to these hackers because of their propensity to trust and general lack of exposure to more modern devices such as smartphones. They may be able to actually get themselves into trouble online just because they are unfamiliar with social media mechanics or even such a blunder as inadvertently streaming live without knowing it. In general, online dating, unless the older person is really tech-savvy, generally works well for younger people. It is not because I am discriminating against our older population, some may argue that one that has more experience in life would actually be safer right? What I am saying is that it is dangerous enough for a person at the peak of their health, how much more if you are one that forgets where they put their car keys and can even jog right, that is all I’m saying, no need to be sensitive. Read on for a couple of helpful tips if you are a more “experienced” member of the people reading this.

Looping Them In

     Keep your best friend, or a close relative or even your children in the know about your online activities. You never have to broadcast it but let at the very least a couple of people that’s close to you know what is going on about your social life. It is also a good idea to let your “correspondence” know that you are sharing your romantic experience with a son, a daughter, or a best friend. If your online romance tells you no, that is a red flag right there.

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Keep Personal Details Close

     Never let slip any personal details like your address, or heaven forbid your bank details or SSN. Once a person you only know online digs around for this information, step away and stop communicating. Never divulge this information just between mail or chat or even calls through a chat app. Reserve this when you actually meet and know the person physically. And even then you still need to be wary and cautious.

No Rush

     If a date goes well and everything seems to fall into place, never be complacent enough to invite them over to where you live. Remember that having a relationship is a process and it will have layers. Be patient, keep your wits about you at all times, and peel away the layers as gently as you could. And who knows you may find a second, or third chance at a genuinely happy ending that started online.

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