Why do people fear to invest money?

invest money

Increase money is a term only for the rich. It can be done by anybody, just with a little knowledge. When talking about wealth the best way to increase the wealth is an investment. Yet not much of the people see it as a source to increase their wealth. The core reason for it is undoubtedly fear.

Alan Jiwan is an investor who has surpassed all fear and has been a well-known individual in the world of investing. The most common fear that most people when it comes to investing are discussed below.

Fear of failure

Fear of failing is a human trait. All of the people across the world do fear to fail and seize to start. This is human nature to be in the comfort zone and be there the rest of their life. These people do not realize that failure isn’t bad as it teaches the individual about the right way to do a task. If things are done wrong you are sure to lose, if they are done right you will succeed. Hence loosing tells you that the road you took isn’t right.


Fear of getting cheated

With the investment being the best way to make money, a number of fraud and scam companies have emerged. For someone who is new in the induced could not judge the right investment asset and falls a prey of this fraud. As a result, to be avoiding the fraud and scam, many of the want-to-invest investors could step in the investing field. They feel insecure to step as they are not secure of the investing thing.

Fear of losing money

However this is related to the fear of failing, the difference here is the people who fear to fail to have the winning desire too much. They don’t put a hand on the aspects that they feel they would fail. There are not afraid of the money that they would lose that the afraid of failing.

Some of the people are not that financially stable. They want to invest money but a loss in this could be a heavy problem on their financial status. Apart from this, there are some misers that have a lot of wealth but fears to reduce it on investing.


To be the best you have to remove the fear and proceed to what is right.

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