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enterprise software solutions

Velvetech designs scalable, robust, and intuitive solutions that look and feel right at home on Android is providing access to the world’s largest market of mobile applications. Velvetech does the job with demonstrated professionalism and completing all projects on time and on budget.

enterprise software solutions

The Strategy and Concepting

The job of Velvetech is to take your idea and turn it into a concrete implementation strategy during the initial stage of the app development process. Identifying key performance criteria, the business analysts conduct product needs assessment and design requirements at the end. Velvetech’s specialists then draw up a development plan which aligns with your company’s vision that based on their extensive experience in building Android apps.

Development and Android App Design

The company invited UI and UX designers to step in the process of analyzing your demands for the future Android app. UI and UX are making sure that the final product has an interactive architecture and elegant design. Engineers can start writing a code once the visual direction and blueprints are ready. The Agile method helps to maximize work efficiency and shorten the project schedule that is traditionally used in the mobile app development.

The Android App Testing and QA

Velvetech is focused on conveying great mobile solutions that function well for all clients at any time. The company verifies the efficient and reliable operation of the android app development services by carrying out both manual and automated testing and make sure it remains stable under various conditions. While maintaining the flawless quality of the end product, the specialists utilize proven test methodologies and best quality assurance practices to shorten the test cycle.

enterprise software solutions

The Hardware Engineering Expertise

Velvetech has abilities and experience for designing electronic devices such as analog measurement circuits, RF implementation including LTE, microcontroller-based, GSM, BLE, ISM, USB protocols and GPS. The hardware design capabilities include the elaboration of schematics and sourcing components with competitive pricing. Velvetech sometimes also do the PCB layout design but in most cases partnering with Taiwan- or China-based companies that create PCB layouts, tooling, housing, finally run the device production for the company while Velvetech assists in PCB layout design, review, validation, and troubleshooting.

The Post-Launch Support of Your Android App

The arrival of your Android application on Google Play does not remain for the finish of the work on your project. Apps have to be regularly updated in order to maintain the swift functioning of the solution and accommodate the users’ wishes. The maintenance and proficient support team will closely collaborate with your company to fix any bugs found in the application and adjust the code following the upgrades to Android OS.

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