Why choose the Cloud? Here are all the advantages of Cloud Computing

When it comes to Cloud, a distinction must be made between  three types : private, public and hybrid Veeam Russia .

Private : this is an IT environment inside the company itself, which allows data to be kept in the same structure.

Public : the data is stored on software provided by an external provider, while the hardware is located inside the data center of the person providing the service.

Hybrid : Try to take advantage of the two previous models. For example, the infrastructure is managed not only by an external provider, but also by an internal one.

Why are more and more companies implementing this new technology? There are many advantages of the Cloud for a business: we have analyzed 3 of them.

  1. Cost reduction

The Cloud can help reduce costs related to business I&O (Infrastructure and Operations) management. How? First of all, because you only pay for what you use ( pay-per-use ): the Cloud is in fact  tailor-made for the customer . Hardware maintenance requires a lot of economic and human resources that only large multinationals can afford; relying on a Cloud leads to the  reduction of hardware management costs by  no longer having to maintain its own IT infrastructure.

  1. Live software update

The advantages of the Cloud certainly include the opportunity to receive updates for free. All hardware maintenance and management expenses , as we have already mentioned,  are borne by the service provider . This will allow the company to always keep up to date not only with the latest innovations in terms of technology, but also to remain compliant with the law thanks to the constant corrective or evolutionary updates of the provider.

  1. Cloud security

Last but among the most important advantages of the Cloud, the security aspect. When you’re not managing a process yourself, you want to make sure it’s running smoothly before investing your resources. One of the main objections made to Cloud Computing is:  will it be able to guarantee the security of my data? The answer is yes . Both as regards the protection of privacy and for everything concerning the backup and recovery of data,  the Clouds are able to protect companies . How? Through  disaster recovery systems , that is all those technologies that allow to restore, in the event of serious emergencies, systems, data and infrastructures necessary for the provision of services.

In addition, there is also  load balancing  – load balancing – an IT technique that consists in  dividing the workload between multiple servers . This makes the system more reliable and scalable, i.e. able to grow or shrink as needed.

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