ECG – A safe and non invasive process without any risk

ECG (or EKG) test is a medical test that indicates any heart problem through the measurement of the electrical activity in the heart. If you are looking for ecg washington dc, this article is a must read. Here we will provide you with a comprehensive guideline and help you to learn all about it. This will help you to take a well informed decision.

If the ECG report exhibits any different shape of heart instead of normal one, it suggests a heart problem. A doctor suggests this test to the people who are at the risk of any heart disease. People with a family history of heart disease, smoking habit, overweight, diabetes problems, high cholesterol level and high blood pressure are recommended to go through such tests.

The doctor can also recommend the ECG test to the people who have a symptom of breathlessness, chest pain, dizziness, irregular heartbeats or fainting.

This is a safe and non invasive process without any risk.

Let’s take a look at the procedure:

ECG or electrodiagram is the medical test that can identify cardiac or heart abnormalities by recording heart activity.

ECG on a healthy heart has a distinct characteristic shape. If heart rhythm has any irregularity or heart muscles are damaged, electrical activity in the heart also changes and in turn the shape of ECG gets changed.

Here are a few symptoms of the patients that compel the doctors to recommend such test:

chest pain, dizziness, fainting, shortness of breath, irregular or fast heart beats or palpitations.

Older people have a higher chance to fall ill due to heart troubles.

ECGs are mainly performed in order to monitor the condition of health of the people who are diagnosed with any heart problem. The test gives an insight to the doctors to rightly assess if the artificial pacemaker needs to be installed or if the installed pacemaker is working properly. If you are already taking any medicine for heart, an ECG test can show if it is working properly or you need to change it.

When you opt for an ECG test, you don’t have to restrict drink or food. However, ensure to inform the doctors which medicines you have taken before the test. Also, if you have any allergy to the adhesive tape, you have to mention it to the doctors since adhesive tape is used in order to attach the electrodes.

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