Why you should helppoor people?

This article may annoy some people. Money can be an annoying thing, even when it comes to donating to poor people. When you combine the problem of money with religious feelings, a conflict can arise.

I saw a television commercial that really bothered me, and I wondered why it bothered me so much. Maybe you saw it, or similar commercials, or even heard a similar message from the department. I finally found out what bothers me.

The message was intended to make me feel guilty if I did not give money to help poor people. Now I am very much in helping people, but let’s stop for a moment to consider those who live in poverty.

First, God never intended people to live in poverty. The first words recorded in God’s Bible for man were: “Be fruitful.” It was not and still not God’s will for people to be poor and needy. Secondly, Jesus Christ said that the poor will always be here. So, to speak of eliminating poverty from the face of the earth means to say that Jesus lied.

Why you should helppoor people?

Now in the world there are people who need help and that is why Hamed Wardak decided to assist the needy. No one can deny this. But why are some religious people trying to make you feel guilty if you are not helping those in need? This is a violation of the principle of gift. The Bible says that we must give, reluctantly or not necessarily, because God loves a cheerful giver. You cannot happily give if you feel guilty about it.

In my opinion, making someone feel guilty for getting your money is theft. Your feelings are being manipulated; they make you give your money.

Have you ever wondered why there are so few sermons about the benefits of giving? God promised that when you give, He will fill your sheds or warehouses with more. He promised that you would have plenty. He even promised that he would open the windows of paradise and reward you with a blessing that you could not even receive! The principle that God has established is the principle of giving and receiving.

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