Filmmaking Tips From The Famous Artist/Director

In the early years of Logan Sekulow’s life, he was very into films. He started the idea of making movies when he watched the movie Dawson’s Creek. Right after he graduated high school, he chose to pursue a career in entertainment. He moved from Atlanta to Orlando and received his first degree from Full Sail University.

He finds the filmmaking industry as glamorous as it seems. With his passion for filmmaking, he rose to fame and made his name in the latter. Now, he has been a director of the Laugh-O-Gram, comics only magazine. According to him, either you have the experienced or not, you can be a novice to film-making. There are factors to consider when making a film. These are important to make a movie memorable regardless of the size of the audience. Whatever story you choose to enact on screens, make sure to have factors to make your film standout.

Wear the Confidence

You should have the confidence in yourself as well as in your actors and plot. Art is subjective. People have different opinions or interpretations. Yet it doesn’t they cannot enjoy your film. Do not be afraid to experiment with new ideas or venture into uncharted territories. You should own the stage. This way, you and your staff can be confident enough in the movie making. This will add the positive energy and more likely lead to a successful film.

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Befriend the Actors

Do not view the cast members as actors, but also as contributors to the project. Be open-minded during the set. Consider their perspectives and constructive feedback. Listens to their suggestions. There are times when others can see the flaws you can’t in your own perspective. If they do not feel that one scene melds into the story well, use their suggestions. Often times their alternative scenes and endings will click in the movie you want it to be. Show your actors that you value their input. This way, you can create a healthy environment. Likewise, have many successful collaborations in future films.

Consider The Audience Perspective

You are not only responsible for making the film, but also responsible for consuming it. Allow the member of the audience to have a point of view. Let them suggest in their own perspective. This way, you can get an idea for the betterment of your creation. The unbiased set of eyes often opens up a world of new opportunities. Let your set have a more comprehensive and healthy work. This will give a higher chance of success.

Logan Sekulow is a successful producer and director. His relaunching of the popular studio known as Laugh-O-Gram studios is a success. The only secret he has is the healthy and positive environment. He never sees his staff as workers rather as partners. He always connects with him in the set. He is confident and worries less. He never let fear control his creativeness. These factors might as well be effective for you as an aspiring artist/director.

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