How to buy Instagram followers

It’s useless to hide in front of the evidence:  Instagram seems to be increasingly the social network of the future.

The first significant drop in active Facebook users ( announced a few days ago by Mark Zuckerberg himself) and the recent innovations made to Instagram itself (the inclusion of gifs in Stories, the launch of Direct , the ability to analyze  insights and to carry out promotions) have meant that Instagram has long since abandoned its role as a social network dedicated to sharing “filtered” photos to something much more complex. Furthermore, the critics who have described Facebook as a place where hatred and violence are fomented, an environment that is even dangerous for the maintenance of democracy, have not even touched Instagram which seems ever stronger, more fun and younger – and with a long life ahead


If you can’t hide in front of this evidence, however, you can’t ignore another either: you need followers on Instagram . In fact, if it is true that it is not mandatory to indulge in  influence  dynamics and that one can be a great  influencer  for a small number of subjects, one must also admit that the strong currency of this social network is precisely the followers (just think that the swipe up  to view the links directly from the Stories is activated only for profiles with more than 10,000 followers). In short, the more followers a profile has, the more it can focus on marketing in a winning way, and consequently monetize.

In fact, the question that is heard most often is How do I increase my followers?

The answer is easy: a coherent and well-planned strategy is needed , based on a valid  visual story telling  and integrated with a targeted sponsorship plan. But there’s a problem: not everyone has the patience to wait for such a strategy to bear fruit.

So the previous question turns into:  How do I buy followers?

Also in this case the answer is easy: followers should never be bought, because this is not the spirit of social networks, because an audience must be consistent and engaged with the profile that aspires to convey their content and have false followers. other than an “aesthetic” issue, it’s really of little use. However, if you really want to buy your followers we will tell you how to do it with as little “damage” as possible. In fact, there are at least three ways to buy followers.

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