Gravity Bongs And Cannabis Smoking: An Overview

With smoking comes, a lot of preferences. You unlike some others may prefer not to smoke using your fingers, and others may prefer the use of their fingers. Have you ever tried making use of gravity bongs? It does sound classy and expensive, which would leave to how and where you would get one. Try out

First off, we shall discuss gravity bongs.

Gravity bongs are not used by just anyone. It is quite ancient and if you were to visit your grandparents, you may find it in their rooms, if they smoke that is. It is capable of providing you with a high and powerful hit of THC that if you are inexperienced in using it, maybe too much for you.

A gravity bong is sometimes called a g-b and the mechanism in which it works is very different from pipes. It works by making use of both water and gravity.

How it works

When you submerge a bottle or a chamber containing weed in it into a bigger bottle or bucket of water. You make sure the water in the bowl is enough. then you might it and then the bottle draws out the smoke slowly filling the chamber with it.

After this, you will open or unscrew the lid and place it in your mouth over the opening of the bottle and push it down. This way gravity will bring up the smoke and push it directly into your lungs.

When you make use of gravity bongs, the rate at which you get intoxicated is higher than just making use of the normal blunt or pipe. The gravity bong is a very efficient way to smoke your cannabis and they are worth a try.

With gravity bongs, the rate at which you get intoxicated is higher than just smoking a normal blunt. This is because of the huge amount of smoke that is inhaled at a time, and the action whereby heavy smoke is forced into your lungs intensifies the effects.

Are they worth it?

If you are new to cannabis or have low tolerance, you may want to reconsider the use of gravity bongs. This is because the rate at which the smoke would hit your lungs may be too intense for you to handle at once. This however is not the same for intermediate and advanced smokers, as they can and would enjoy its use more than others.

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