Hamed Wardak is a polymath who showcased his unique intellectual prowess at a very early age. He was not only brave in the intellectual aspect. He was also agile when it comes to thinking. His focused and creative approach to matters often placed him a step ahead of the curve.

Young Hamed

He was born in Afghanistan two years before the Soviet Union invaded the country. This was in December 1979. His father, General Abdul Rahim Wardak, fought the Russians in the 1980’s. It was during the Soviet occupation. He was later named the country’s Defense Minister in 2004.

Hamed came to the United States as a young man. He became a U.S. citizen. He graduated as class valedictorian from Georgetown University in 1997. He earned a degree in government and political theory. He also received the prestigious honor of being a Rhodes scholar.


Hamed managed mergers and acquisitions after the graduation. Merrill Lynch had him under its wings. He then started up his own apparel firm called Ludas Athletics. He also formed a musical production company called Valen of Wicked. He mentioned in an interview where the wicked in the name came from. It comes from all the good and bad he experienced in the past. But also the sound he is creating.


Hamed’s primary focus is his homeland, Afghanistan. He moved back home after graduating. He wanted to rebuild the country. He brought in $44 million in design and build contracts. This was when he was a Managing Director for International Operations for Technologists. It is a contractor working with the U.S. Department of Defense. And the United States Agency for International Development, too.

Hamed Wardak felt a need for more democracy in the country. This was when he went around and talked to the villagers, their elders, and their leaders. He was the one who started a new political movement. The goal is to counter the influence of the Taliban and al Qaeda in some areas of the country. This movement, called Fadayeen-e-Sul or Sacrificers for Peace, started in 2007. Marvin Weinbaum from the Middle East Institute supported him. Weinbaum is an expert on Afghanistan. Hamed co-founded the Campaign for a U.S.-Afghanistan Partnership or the CUSAP in 2009. The goal of CUSAP was to achieve sustainable security and prosperity in Afghanistan.

One of the first projects of CUSAP was a $1.7 million capital campaign. This is to rebuild bridges and canals in Laghman province. Funding also came from the U.S. Agency for International Development. As well as the United Nations Children’s Fund. The World Bank and the Provisional Reconstruction Team also contributed to the fund. Hamed Wardark has left a legacy and his imprint will last forever.

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