Food And Drink Facts Every Tourist Wish They Knew Before Visiting France

Visiting France is one of the most awaited vacation trips for a lot of people. But before visiting this amazing place, there are a couple of things that you should know, especially when it comes to French Cuisine. If you have signed up for a food tour France, then you should learn more about France, its culture, what you should and should not do, before your holiday trip.

Food Tour In France 

There are a lot of websites nowadays who offer food tour in different parts of the world, especially France. One of the most trusted is The International Kitchen (TIK). They have cooking vacations all year round! Their cooking vacations would usually last for 3 to 7 nights which would include accommodation, cooking classes, excursion to explore the local food and wine, cultural tours, and so much more!

The company has been in this business since 1994 and they are recognized and highly recommended by the Italian, Spanish, and French government tourist offices. If you are interested in what TIK can offer, then here are the most interesting yet very helpful facts that you wish you knew before your gastronomic Holiday in France.

food tour France

  • Breakfast Is Not That Important. Though there are restaurants here who serve breakfast, you must take note that this is not the main meal here in France. French people usually have something small, like a croissant with coffee or hot chocolate for breakfast and they focus more on lunch and dinner that is a bit heavier. 
  • Second Largest Wine Producer. France is not only well known for its food, but also for its wine. This is why they placed as the second largest wine producer. This is why you should never miss out on the chance to experience their expertly fermented drinks. 
  • Drinking Age. Even though wine here is cheap and abundant, not everybody can have a taste of the alcohol that is made by the locals. If you want to have wine or beer, you have to be 16 years old and above. But if you want to experience hard liquor, you should be at least 18 years old. 
  • French Baguettes. If you did not know yet, most of the restaurants in France, as well as its surrounding establishments, offer free baguettes. In fact, you get an unlimited serving! But if you are here to enjoy French cuisine, then do not focus all your attention on the free stuff. You still have a starter course, the main dish, and dessert.
  • Cheese And More Cheese! Here in France, there are more types of cheese than you probably know. In fact, there are over 365 different types of cheese for you to try! With all its different variations, the total number of cheese here might be well over a thousand. This is definitely a must-try when you visit France.

Visiting France is definitely going to be one of the most memorable holidays that you will have in your life. So why not make it worthwhile by signing up for cooking vacations? This is probably one of the best ideas if you love French food. If you want to explore France while learning how to prepare simple French dishes, then get in touch with The International Kitchen today and find out your options for your next holiday plans!

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