A Short Checklist For Your Bakery Equipment Needs

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If you are thinking of opening up your own bakery, you know that this can be a daunting decision to make. Starting this business can be a challenge. Whether it’s a small corner bakery or an online bakeshop, you will need the right bakery equipment for you to get started. Aside from the basics like the baking pan or measuring cups and spoons, here’s a short checklist of the most basic bakery equipment that you need.


Bakeries can’t run without an oven. This is the most important equipment that every baker needs in this list. Do not settle for anything less when it comes to oven quality. Invest in top of the line oven because this will save you so much time and effort. Some bakers choose to have a gas oven compared to an electric oven. You can pick an oven with a stove combination, but if you do not need a range, then a wall oven would be perfect to prevent you from constantly bending down when baking.

Work Table

Rolling out dough will require you to have enough space. For this, you will need a work table. They are not only useful for doughs, but they can also be used to store your essential items while baking. So invest in a sturdy and quality work table that can withstand heavy use.

bakery equipment manufacturers

Food Processor

If you want time-efficient baking, then you have to invest in a food processor. Cruising nuts or shaving chocolate can be time- and energy-consuming. So, tackle these in seconds with the help of a food processor. If you are going to sell pies, this is great for pie dough too.

Shelf or Wire Racks

For a baker, oven racks or donut racks are helpful. Once you are done baking your goodies, they can cool down on the racks which will free up some space in your counter. This way, while your baked goods are cooling down, you can start another batch to bake. It is best to invest in mobile racks because you can move them around in your kitchen.

Stand or Hand Mixer

Another essential tool in your kitchen is a mixer. You can choose from hand or stand mixers. Stand mixers work quickly with a batter or a dough. If you have space, you can also choose to purchase a floor mixer which is perfect for making large batches at once. And even if you have a stand mixer, you should also get a hand mixer which is perfect for creams, sauces, or meringues.

These are just some of the important things that you need when starting a bakery. There are still other items that you need to add to this one, but they are the essentials to make your baking career a lot easier.

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