Some unique methods to choose a real estate developer

real estate developer

You are considering investing or buying to live on a new property: a long-term project whose success depends largely on the choice of the developer with whom you will be dealing. How to choose? How to judge from his experience? How to make sure of its reliability? Here are our tips.



The property developer Ki Residences Brookvale Park will be your preferred contact during your purchase project. This is even truer if you buy for the first time: it will guide you and avoid the pitfalls that you may encounter during your first purchase in the news we have detailed in a previous article. A local actor will have a more precise knowledge of his market than a national group. Having a relevant network and a good knowledge of the evolution of the local market, it will often be good advice to find the best location for a sustainable yield. Working with local architectural firms, he will propose an architectural style in keeping with the aesthetics of your city or neighborhood. He can also assist you in finding tenants if you invest to rent. Choosing a local promoter is also contributing to the rational development of urban planning in the region, through concerted work with local economic actors: urban communities, general council … A national promoter will often propose larger, standardized programs, so a little less “human-sized”. In the short term, the return may be more attractive, but to the detriment of a guarantee of a capital gain on resale in the medium or long term. Choose a local real estate developer


It is the basis of all commerce. A reputation can be made and undone in a few moments, especially in the digital age. If you do not have to rely on it blindly, feedback from third parties can inform you about the quality and expertise of a real estate developer. It’s very easy to find out how a promoter is perceived on sites, blogs or forums: by aggregating opinions, you will have an idea of ​​the potential of a professional. During your browsing forums, you may meet your future sponsor. Indeed, some promoters offer sponsorship offers, as is the case of URBIS Achievements in the Toulouse region and Montpellier: the sponsor must have already purchased housing with the developer. Godfather and godson can benefit from several hundred Euros in gift vouchers,

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