Loss of Hair in Women – Matter of Great Concern

Hair loss in case of women especially results in both physical and emotional impact. Whenever you suffer from any sort of fracture or cut, you suffer from high level of pain. But it is a surprising fact that while there is a hair loss, there is no feeling of pain. Daily combing of hair, towels by which the scalp is rubbed will give you evidences regarding losses of hair.

Hair Loss in Women – A Big Deal

Then a day will come when you will see very little hair remaining on your head hence making you devastated emotionally. It is very much painful to come to know that women suffering from hair loss tend to get affected with regards to career and marriage along with some sort of psychological problems. Hence hair loss in women can be considered to be a big deal!

It is becoming very much essential to understand the concept of hair growth. As a part of general knowledge, it is high time to know that hair grows typically around half an inch on the basis of month. The year gap of two to six years is known to be the typical phase of growth of hair. But as soon as this phase comes to a concluding stage, the hair relaxes and tends to fall. It is a wrong notion that hair loss is limited to men only!

Vital Causes of Hair Loss

In cases of many women, the natural process of replacement of old hair by the new one halts due to which they start suffering from baldness. Typically, it has been observed that alopecia is termed to be among the major types of hair loss. In this case, the hair predominantly starts getting thinner on the sides and top areas of head. As per the medical researchers, this type of loss may occur during both puberty stage and post menstruation phase.

Female pattern alopecia has been considered to be among the major types of thinning and losing of hair among women. Thinning of sides of the head and top areas is the usual symptom. Generally, this type of health issue takes place during puberty in maximum cases. There exists many different causes responsible for hair loss in women, but among them the typical ones are:

  • Improper medication
  • Rapid change in weight
  • Overloading of physical stress
  • Emotional stress
  • Abnormalities in the thyroid
  • Consumption of unbalanced diet
  • Ringworms
  • Random taking of birth control pills
  • Hormonal changes like pregnancy and menopause

It is high time to note that the pattern related to baldness differs from one gender to another. The loss of hair in men is due to some unexpected causes like:

  • Skin diseases
  • Growth of patchy areas
  • Temporary shedding of hair
  • Obesity

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