Keeping your safes away frommold infestations

The menace

In every home, safes are very integral in safeguarding things. Not only do they protectthe external environment, but also allow you to store things for years. But, some intrinsic factors also come within a play (smell, moisture within the safe, substances), etc. that may give rise to molds and spores within the safe. On gaining the warmth, the spores spread and start increasing within the safe to cause damage. Therefore, it is highly necessary to maintain safety as moldy money in safe. Read on to find more.

Things to prevent molding

Though these natural factors are tough to judge, nevertheless you can do certain to keep them out of your safes. The following are some tips about the same:

  • Keep the safe open for 20 minutes atleast once a week to improve the internal air circulation.
  • Transfer all of the contents within an air-tight space while doing the above-mentioned activity.
  • Clean the safe with a dry cloth and keep it for drying.
  • Ensure that the safe is never placed at high humidity areas, as the growth of moldy money in safegets accelerated.
  • Use dehumidifiers after drying to ensure that the remnants are also removed and the safe stays leak-proof.
  • Keep the safe completely dry before re-transferring all of the contents.

All of such minor activities can help in maintaining the integrity of the safe.

Controlling the humidity

One of the toughest factors coming between this is humidity control. And it is not impossible to crack. The following tips can help out:

  • Keep the safe in well-lit and ventilated places, rather than damp and dark ones.
  • Keep exhaust fans nearby to drive away moisture and keep circulation upright.
  • Keep the hygrometer in the room to measure humidity and ensure that it stays between 30 to 50 percent.

Follow these and you are sure to get rid of moldy issues.

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