The No-frills Guide to Playing League of Legends

Playing League of Legends

LoL (League of Legends) is a free MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game inspired by Warcraft III. Riot Games initially released it in 2009. Due to its competitive scene and staggering prize pool, it rose to popularity. In 2016, the company estimated over 100 million active players.

If you are new to LoL, you first need to secure a computer, high-speed Internet connection, keyboard, and mouse. Before anything, you need to be familiar with the different durations so you can plan accordingly. There are different game modes – Summoner’s Rift (30-45 minutes), Howling Abyss (20-30 minutes) and Twisted Treeline (20-30 minutes).

Getting started

Getting started includes the following steps:

  • Creating an account and downloading: for this, you need to go to the website of LoL to download the game. Since this will take time, you should make an account while waiting.
  • Installing and patching: once you installed the game, it will automatically start patching. Patching is important as it can add new content to LoL.
  • Logging in: you can log into your account by using the information you used when you created LoL account. You will then be prompted to create a “summoner name”.
  • Playing the tutorial: you are strongly encouraged to play tutorial so you can have a proper grasp of LoL.


Guide to playing

As soon as you finished the tutorial, you are on your way to playing. Since you are new, it is prudent to play against bots in AI games vs. Co-op. Keep in mind that pre-programmed bots are easier to beat compared to human players.

Here’s a quick guide to playing:

  • Choose a champion: the matchmaking system will find a game for you. There are many champions but only some will be selectable. Remember that every week, ten champions will be available for free.
  • View the map: the loading screen will open up after picking the champions. It is crucial that you move to one of the three lanes on the map. Your goal is to ensure that no lanes are empty.
  • Start slaying minions: fun starts when you slay the minions. Keep in mind that minions will spawn around 1 minute and 30 seconds. A timer will be provided at the top right corner of the screen. Killing minions not only gives you experience but also provides gold.
  • Attack: if there is a chance, you should attack the champions of the enemy. This can lower the opponent’s health.
  • Spend: when you go back to your base, make sure that you spend your gold. Look for the shopkeeper and stick to the recommended items.
  • Finish: with whatever you purchased, you can choose to return to the lane then resume attacking the enemy.
  • Win: you need to take out the nexus so you win the game.
  • Improve: you can become a better player if you spend time improving your skills. However, if you are in a rush, you can get cheap league eloboost eune. Boosting service can help you quickly rose into ranks.

Final words

In the end, your goal here is to at least reach Summoner Level 30. This is how you will qualify for competitive ranks. Whatever you do, it should culminate to you joining regional competitions and eventually the World Championships.

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