Why use fennel seeds?

fennel seeds

Seeds of fennel are aromatic herbs which belong to the family of parsley. It is generally used as a spice but has a sweet taste which is similar to anise seeds. They are used for beverages as well as cooking purposes. Also, they are good for digestion and refreshment. There are a lot of different uses of fennel seeds. The main reason for its diversity is its health benefits. We have listed out some of the popular health benefits of fennel seeds.


There are a lot of health benefits of fennel seeds other than adding flavour to food. One of the biggest health benefits is that it works as an antioxidant. The free radical reactions in the body are curbed away by the seeds and prevent diseases at a later stage. Some common antioxidants are kaempferol and quercetin. They prevent degenerative reactions which are responsible for aging. Another ingredient in fennel seeds is anethole which is an anti-inflammatory essential oil.

Cholesterol absorption

Fennel seeds absorb cholesterol in the arteries through fiber binding of bile salts. There are fibers present in fennel seeds which decrease cholesterol re-absorption and prevent heart-related diseases.

consume fennel daily


Fennel seeds, when taken regularly, helps to cut down body fat. Better results, make a decoction using half teaspoon cinnamon, one tablespoon dry fennel seeds and half teaspoon ginger powder and add one liter of water. Consume it daily for a few weeks and you will find the results.

Glowing skin

Fennel Seeds are great for the skin as they provide various vitamins, which makes the skin look younger. You can also consume fennel daily on a regular basis, as it helps in improving the overall texture of the skin by treating acne and making the skin flawless and glowing.


Fennel seeds are great for the health of the body. They are also provided in restaurants at the end of the meal.

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