Is it legal or illegal to stream movies online? Find out here

stream movies online

Everyone enjoys watching movies and television shows, especially when it comes to free movies that you can watch online because it is totally the most convenient way to entertain yourself.

The only requirement to have in order for you to enjoy watching a movie online is a reliable and stable internet connection while everything else is not that necessary.

You do not have to buy DVDs or rent a VHS tape anymore because these things are already in the past, and you are not required to wait for an hour or two to download a movie which is a huge file.

Streaming movies online is a surefire to entertain yourself without any hassle.

Before you get too excited though, there are some problems that come with streaming movies online because there are tons of sites that did not go regulation to check if its contents are pirated or not and it has not been checked to certify by the copyright organizations which can be totally illegal and you are also exposing your computer and your smartphone with threats such as viruses and malware.

So, is streaming totally legal? How do you determine if it is legal or not? It is quite a complicated thing to answer because it totally depends on the video streaming site that you frequently visit.

free online streaming sites

 The mainstream streaming sites Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and have their own certified contracts and copyrights to the major film distributors and studios to use their content which they can feature to their users.

On the other hand, the free online streaming sites for movies and television shows which provide you with shady content are not fully regulated by the law. There are millions of viewers every day that streams movies from different streaming sites which includes illegal sites.

There are particularly two problems when it comes to streaming movies online.

First, a lot of us browse the internet for different content that interests us and when you accessed a website without knowing if it is licensed or unlicensed and you unknowingly started to stream or download, you are actually playing a big part of piracy and illegal activity.

However, you will not be prosecuted for unknowingly doing these things, except that there are some ISP emails that you will receive as warnings because it is simply a violation, however, you are not part of those who distributed the content.

On the other hand, if you post or upload any content that is unlicensed for distribution, then you are subject for apprehension for violating the copyright laws and you just did an act of piracy. When you upload a movie online, you are illegally creating a copy of it and provide people something to watch online which is totally illegal under the rule of law. For that, you can possibly land in jail.

Just a tip of advice, before you spend the rest of your free time to relax and stream movies online, be sure that you do not contribute to piracy and illegal streaming.

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