Frequently Asked Questions About Marriage Certificate Translation

Marriage Certificate Translation

A marriage certificate is a document proving that the couple listed has a legal marriage. In most countries, the marriage record is considered part of the public record. The marriage certificate typically contains information like who married you, where you were married, when you got married, witnesses, and who performed the ceremony.

However, there are circumstances that require you to submit a marriage certificate translation. Here are the things you need to know about it:

Is marriage license the same as a marriage certificate?

You must know that a marriage license is the same thing as a marriage certificate. In fact, it also comes in different names like wedding certificate, wedding license, marriage record, certificate of marriage, certificate of matrimony and other names.

Why do you need a marriage certificate translation?

As mentioned earlier, there are some circumstances that require you to submit a marriage certificate translation. For instance, if you are married and you want to apply for your permanent resident visa in the US (or commonly called green card), the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) will require submission of certified translation of your marriage certificate.

What other circumstances can you use your translated marriage certificate?

Aside from applying for migration, a translated marriage certificate is needed if you are applying for social welfare benefits, opening a joint bank account and claiming of life insurance. It can also be used to claim government benefits due to your spouse. In essence, you need translated marriage certificate if there is a requirement asking you a proof of marriage.

translated marriage certificate

How to get your marriage certificate translated?

It is important that you get your marriage certificate translated by a reputable translation agency. You must be aware that the translation work will go through a rigorous process. This is to ensure that the translation is accurate and complete.

Like in any industry, there are many agencies you can consider. With this, you need to be thorough. Your goal here is to find an agency that can translate precisely or error-free. You can start looking by reading some online reviews.

Will it be delivered?

The translation will be delivered depending on the agency. There are agencies that can complete the translation in less than 24 hours while there are others that will stipulate 3 days of delivery after the receipt. If you need a notarised translation, it will take a little longer depending on how the agency can quickly make an appointment with a notary public.

Aside from delivery, you should expect an email copy of your records. Initially, you just need to send a scanned copy of your marriage certificate online. However, for a notarised translation, they will need the original document.

What is the cost of the service?

The cost will depend on the number of words to be translated. In most cases, translation starts from $0.10 per word. When you decide to have it translated online, you can simply pay through your credit or debit card. There are some agencies that also accept bank transfer or check.

Final words

Even if you know the English language, you cannot just translate your marriage certificate personally. A translator is needed so you need to learn how to look for the right one.

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