Custom Awards Are Best to Increase Employee’s Productivity

Custom Awards

If feels great to be awarded for the services to someone. Appreciation is the best gift one can expect from someone it gives a feeling to the person that his/her services did not go un-noticed. Whatever good one does, when acknowledged motivates a person to continue to work hard. In the workplace, appreciations playa significant role in establishing a positive organisational culture and improve employee performance. According to various studies, it has been proven that appreciation is the method to motivate employees and make them more productive and committed to their jobs, this appreciation is shown by Custom Awards.

Significance of Custom Awards

Significance of Custom Awards

Even without the custom awards, the employees would work with the given salary so what is the need for custom awards? Here are a few reasons why custom awards are important.

  • When an employee or his/her work is appreciated they realize that their hard work is valued and recognised, and this in return prompts them to maintain and improve their great performance.
  • Custom Awards also have a morale effect. These awards create a ripple effect in the workplace, also there is healthy competition, not just this when an employee is appreciated, it is most likely that he/she would appreciate their co-workers and other team members hence these awards have a multiplier effect.
  • Continued engagement is also the by-product of appreciation, it increases dedication and engagement in an employee.
  • The most ethical thing which custom awards do is helps in building staff loyalty, according to Robert Half study, 66% of employees leave the job due to lack of appreciation.

One of the most underutilized tools for increasing an employees’ productivity is appreciation, the managers and leaders must use this tool through Custom Awards to bring out the best from their employees. It does not take much to award the services of someone but the returns from this act are in abundance.

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