A Guide To Superior Washers. Why Choose Superior Washers?

Superior flat washers

There is not just one reason to go for Superior washer and Gasket Corporation for purchasing the washers for your equipments. They use various materials and specialty materials to manufacture their washers on request all across the globe. All products meet the ISO-9001 certified standards. They provide customers with quality products in fast and prompt delivery. They have an inventory of about 20000 square feet raw materials to produce their products. Military and aircraft requirements are made in special finishes. The die room produces the die themselves. The new die produced goes to the inventory once produced. Every order is checked twice before shipping. It uses skilled mechanists and experienced workers in their company to deliver what the clients ask for exactly. They have about 3, 70,000 different types of stocks apart from flat washers and delivers across the globe. The top reasons why you must choose Superior company is for its unique features such as Variety of Materials are used in the Washer production, Custom manufacturing, Large Inventory, Assurance, Stock dies, attention to details, quality and worldwide delivery.

Superior flat washers

Products from Superior

Superior Washer and gasket Corporation Company manufactures washers, Superior flat washers comes in a variety of shape, size, thickness and materials. It can be produced in a customized way as well. Superior company specializes in Military washers, flat washers and spring washers.

  • Military Washers
    Military spec washers are used specifically for military purposes. The guarantee optimal performance in all demanding installations. They are used with utmost reliability. Military washers are used in highly demanding defense applications as well as in automobiles, aircraft and industry applications.
  • Flat Washers
    The Superior flat washers are made with a wide range of materials like copper, aluminum, stainless steel, inconel, nylatron and monel. The platings on it can be made in zinc, cad yellow and black ox. Flat washers have two main purposes. The first is to evenly distribute the pressure of the nut evenly on the surface to avoid any damage and wear on the surface. Secondly, using a flat washer ensures that there is no chance to loosen because it is placed in an uneven surface.
  • Spring Washers
    Spring washers come in an array of designs, size, thickness and materials. Superior uses highest quality materials to make spring washers. They take custom orders across the globe.

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