Types and benefits of installing a dual battery isolator

Regardless of whether you’re purchasing a movable fridge or installing a huge stereo system, you would have been suggested by someone to install a dual battery system. Installing a dual battery isolator will allow you to have ample electrical power to keep your vehicle operational, while simultaneously powering your accessories and add-ons.A battery isolator helps to prevent the primary battery systems from draining and are most useful in car stereo systems.

There are variety of dual battery isolators that you can find online. Battery isolators are best seen as a distribution point of an automotive electronic system. These isolators are generally built with diodes which ensure that the charging is evenly distributed between many batteries and the alternator.

Most of the 12-volt electrical systems rely on a single battery to start the engine and another used for power accessories. However the problem arises when a completely charged battery is connected to a dead or partially discharged battery. The current of the completely charge battery will drain to the battery which has less charging, until both the batteries attain a common charge level, or worse, discharged completely.

Benefits of battery isolators

You can safely charge a secondary battery from the charging system of your car. The dual battery isolator kit ensures an even distribution of the power supply.

Battery isolators allows you to use other devices and accessories. Usually if you need to look for a tool that lets you use other accessories and devices in your car, you ideally need to have a battery isolator switch. After the installation of the isolator you can use this without disconnecting from the primary power system.

A typical dual battery system setup can ideally cost around $300 to $400.

The top five dual battery chargers are listed below

  1. Keyline Chargers 140 Amp Dual battery isolator
  2. T-Max 47-3800 Dual Battery system
  3. Stinger’s SGP32 200 Amp Battery relay isolator
  4. True UTV-SBI-15CM Dual Battery Connect along with Monitor Kit
  5. Blue Sea Systems Add- A-Battery Kit

All the above battery chargers come with different features.

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