PPS register Check

ppsr check

PPS register or Personal Property Securities Register is completely available online register which provides information for consumers. The information which is provided by PPS Register is regarding personal property which they are planning to buy like artworks, boats, and cars. PPS register does not include information regarding buildings and land. On PPS Register it is possible to conduct millions of registration and searches every year.

PPS register check for vehicles:

After conducting the PPS Register check, there will be a search certificate available. In this one must look for PPSR Registration details. The results will show either of these

  • No security interest
  • Other registration
  • More registrations

ppsr check

If the certificate obtained says, no security interest or it says other registration then it means that there is no outstanding debt which has been recorded against serial number of the vehicle on PPSR.

In case if the result says, ‘one or more registration’ one must understand that outstanding debt against the vehicle is present on PPSR. After looking at the search result, one must save or email the search certificate. This is recommended even if the search result says no registrations. For the search done, search certificate is considered as legal and official copy of the search. There is no extra fee needed for issuing search certificate.

In case if any of the registrations on PPSR has attachments, it is possible to get the links to these on the screen. These attachments must be downloaded through clicking on the provided link. These must be stored along with the search certificate obtained. These attachments are considered as part of collateral details. The best thing is if one requests for search certificate to be emailed, along with it related attachments will also be emailed.

If there is need to contact secured parties then look for ‘secured party details’ on search certificate. Secured party means the organization or a person who holds the interest on that particular vehicle on PPSR.

Other details:

Along with all the above mentioned details, PPSR even provides data from the NEVDIS or National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System. This helps in checking the VIN or vehicle Identification Number. Along with this it also provides chassis or serial number and any other information related to source of the vehicle. One can even get complete details like whether the vehicle is written-off or stolen in past. NEVDIS is nothing but a national database in Australia for registered vehicles.


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