How to perfect your first message

perfect your first message

Online sites are a source of many relationships. There are people who are committed because of the music dating app and are quite happy. However, it wasn’t that easy though. You had to be perfect with your first message in order to get an expected reply. They say the first impression is the last impression if you meet a people. In the same easy, the first text is the last text. If you could make the fist text perfectly you are going to receive a second text or else the first text way the last one. However, here are some ways to perfect the first text.


Be interesting by an interesting question

Every online dater is tired of the lame “hi’s” in the music dating app. They feel it more interesting to find people who have a more interesting thing to say that just a “hi”. Your first text should be such that would divert the person’s attention. A simple hi would drag a reply out of courtesy but an interesting test would drive all the attention towards you. That’s what you got to do. You might be thinking how to do that. Well, it is difficult but is not impossible. Don’t keep the talk limited to just “yes” and “no”. Ask a question about them, this is a conversation starter. This way you both would develop a liking each other.

profile for conversation

Look into the profile for conversation

The profile of the person is going to speak a lot about them, hence use the, to start a conversation. Look into the profile picture carefully and notice the picture. Initiate a conversation about something in the photo, as if the picture has a dog you can reveal to her how much you love them and then ask the dog’s name. This would make you be more able to be around in a conversation.


Don’t give in attempt to long illogical text. Keep the conversation text small and understandable. No one likes to read an easy; they might have other things to do as well. They would simply ignore your text; hence keep the text small and sweet. This way they will develop a liking for you.

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