How does network convergence benefit society? Find out here

network convergence benefit society

Network convergence is the efficient coexistence of three different types of networks in communications which are telephone, data, and video which is converged and works in a single network. The utilization of multiple communication modes on a single network not just offers convenience, but flexibility and a broader coverage that separate infrastructures failed to provide to consumers.

Network convergence is also known as media convergence which was initially an idea to merge all different network infrastructures together with the use of different hardware, protocols with a single mission; to connect to servers on a single network. Nowadays, consumers, as well as businesses, government agencies, and other establishments are now enjoying a more expanded network convergence that includes texting, web surfing, voice over IP (VoIP), video conference applications, online gaming, and E-commerce, which is constantly a high-demand of quality service to users because of its quality of experience.

expanded network convergence

Listed below is how network convergence works in different applications so make sure to read it completely for your own learning.

  • Texting- For sure you have been enjoying this type of application, which is in fact, part of what innovative technology that was brought by network convergence. Texting, in particular, is the act of sending a short, and alphanumeric communications between different cellular phones, as well as pagers, and other mobile devices through a wireless carrier.
  • Web surfing- It is the act of exploring a sequence of websites in a random, and also in an undetermined way by simply utilizing the web to answer someone‚Äôs questions and also a vital source of different information which can be a written, visualization, and audio forms.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)- is the type of transmitting the voice and the multimedia content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks from different users or from servers.
  • Media streaming- This is where a user has the ability to stream or view video or audio content that is in the compressed form sent over the internet and can be played or used immediately rather than being downloaded to the hard drive.
  • Video conference applications- This is where different users have a live visual connection between each other to form a communication conference despite being located in different and separate areas.
  • Online gaming- It is where network convergence is used in different platforms such as consoles and desktop computers as users who play video games can freely interact, play with each other and compete, as well as communicate as the game commences.
  • E-Commerce- Or online shopping is the process of transmitting funds or data over an electronic network as a form of transaction between the buyer and the seller. Buyers can either surf the internet and look for online shops and transact by the use of their mobile devices to make the transaction and purchase a product or avail of a service.

Given the different types of services that consumers enjoy because of network convergence, for sure it served its purpose as a great technological aspect in the communications industry by providing different services under the same infrastructure which was further enhanced through the standardization of the Ethernet and Wi-Fi, as well as on TCP/IP which offers a more predictable user experience that allows for further integration for consumers and vendors and a more convenient nature for IT management.

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