The World of IoT: Applications By Industry

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You heard about IoT (Internet of Things) but you quickly dismissed it because you thought it is insignificant. It is time that you change your perspective about IoT and learn about its applications by industry. Before anything, you should know the basics of IoT.

IoT describes a network of devices, vehicles, appliances and other things that are connected to the Internet. The connection allows these objects to collect and share data. You should know that the iot market also includes systems integration, hardware, software, data and telecom services.

lora iot

Now you are ready to learn about the applications of IoT by industry. Here’s a list: 


You should be aware that IoT is rapidly expanding because it can be seen in almost any home. These days, many homes can talk to you and make decisions on behalf of you. This made possible because of connected devices.

The most popular and affordable smart home device is Amazon’s Alexa. It can perform different tasks like reading a recipe, calling Ube and ordering from Amazon. Other home devices include Google Home and Apple HomePod.


In terms of security, homeowners or even business owners can choose to install iot connected doorbells. These doorbells are capable of broadcasting live videos to your phone as soon as someone approaches the door. There are also smart locks that can be pre-programmed to allow access especially during particular hours of the day.


These days, there are many smart energy appliances that can impact your home significantly. You can find smart lights and smart thermostats, which allows you to remotely control lighting, heating, and cooling. In the end, these can significantly reduce operational costs.

Health care

Hospitals can now remotely monitor the health of their patients. IoT helps collect data with the use of connected medical devices like heart monitors and insulin pumps. Essentially, this can help doctors spot early signs of problems and take preventive action.

lora iot


Smart car, smart roads, and smart parking are the future. In a few years, many cars will drive themselves. Navigation is made possible because of GPS (Global Positioning System) apps.


Smart manufacturing is a thing because it revolutionises how goods are produced as well as tracked. This means that smart manufacturing allows many industries to quickly and accurately track merchandises. Aside from tracking goods, smart manufacturing has also the capacity to track inventory. The data collected will make things easier when it comes to forecasting trends.

Final thoughts

More and more company are adopting IoT to automate their processes, increase gains and improve customer experience. With this, you should do your best to keep up. Do not worry because there are many IoT managed service providers that you can rely on whatever your needs or requirements.

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